Securely Share and Transfer Large Files

Many businesses today need to collaborate over large files: pictures, videos, CAD files, and more. With AeroFS you don’t have to stress about hitting email limits or figuring out FTP. Simply drop your files in the AeroFS folder, share it with internal or external collaborators you choose, and they will automatically sync up. It’s that easy.

Peer-to-Peer Syncing is Lightning Fast

Sharing with people within your office? AeroFS’s peer-to-peer technology keeps data within the local LAN, taking advantage of the fact that most end-point routers are much faster than Internet uplinks. Drop your big file in your folder and it will appear at the other end at speeds that are often 10-100x faster than industry averages.

Device-to-Device Encryption

AeroFS encrypts data end-to-end using industry standard PKI technologies using RSA-2048 and AES-256 to encrypt data in such a way that only the authorized recipient device is able to decrypt it. This ensures that data is protected and no data leakage happens even if users are on unverified networks. So you can transfer those large files securely and safely.


AeroFS syncs your data directly between devices, without requiring central file servers. If you want to have a central location to store files—for backup, redundancy, or compliance reasons, the AeroFS Team Server is right for you. It is easy to maintain, and can be installed on commodity hardware rather than expensive server infrastructure, saving you money.

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