Enterprise-Ready Data Security And Control

Keep your data safe, secure, and private with AeroFS.

Centralized Security and Admin

The admin dashboard allows you to manage users, permissions, and devices from any browser.

As an organization owner, you can designate administrators who can perform the following tasks:

  • Add and remove users.
  • Manage devices owned by your users, including remote wiping lost devices.
  • Manage permissions for folders shared by your users.
  • Manage whom your users are sharing with, and revoke access from unauthorized users.

End-to-End Encryption & Private CA

Security and privacy are at the heart of what we do, and we take them very seriously.

  • All data transmitted client-to-client and client-to-server (whether on the LAN, or on the internet) is encrypted using AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA. End-to-end encryption means no one but the intended receiving device can decrypt data from the sender.
  • Manage AeroFS public key infrastructure (PKI) with your AeroFS Appliance as the root certificate authority (CA). AeroFS clients are configured only to trust this AeroFS Appliance. This provides strong security by limiting the trust footprint and makes your system administrators happy.

Simple and Effective Data Leakage Prevention

AeroFS puts control over the safety of company data back in your hands. AeroFS allows you to:

  • Easily see which folders are shared, and with whom.
  • Stop unauthorized sharing of data.
  • See which devices employees are using with AeroFS.
  • Remove and optionally wipe lost or stolen devices.