Superior Performance at Low Cost

Scalable file sharing and collaboration without expensive servers.

Scalable Technology

AeroFS helps you achieve remarkable speeds and performance with technologies that used to be reserved for large-scale data centers. AeroFS allows any organization to set up a scalable private cloud with inexpensive commodity hardware.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With traditional server solutions, adding more devices means vertically scaling the system with expensive file servers. With AeroFS, your employees can share files without any storage servers at all: Data is synced directly between the devices, often without even leaving the network switch. This saves you money in server infrastructures.

If you do choose to install AeroFS Team Server for centralized backup, the server is simply another device in the AeroFS peer mesh, allowing you to scale up with simple, low-cost hardware. Learn more about the AeroFS Team Server.

Decentralization also means that you have to spend fewer IT resources preventing file server downtime. If a Team Server fails, your employees likely won't even notice!