AeroFS Private Cloud

The AeroFS Private Cloud is a lightweight virtual appliance deployed 100% behind your corporate firewall.

Your users get a simple, intuitive file sharing experience. Your IT department gets data security and control.

The AeroFS Appliance

The AeroFS Appliance is a virtual machine (VM) which can be deployed on any server in minutes.

The appliance is provided in an industry standard OVF package, which supports many virtualization platforms including VirtualBox and VMWare. It can also be deployed in Amazon EC2 and OpenStack environments.

The AeroFS Appliance comes pre-packaged with AeroFS clients automatically configured to only communicate with your appliance, making it dead simple to onboard new users.

OpenID, LDAP, and ActiveDirectory support out of the box

The AeroFS Appliance supports easy integration with your existing LDAP/ActiveDirectory infrastructure, as well as OpenID.

Invite external vendors and collaborators with ease simply by specifying their email addresses, or restrict external access alltogether.

Get up and running in 5 minutes. Really.

Like the AeroFS client, the AeroFS Appliance is designed to be dead-simple to setup. Simply download the image, load it on your server, and upload your license files to get started. Try it yourself today, or watch our demo: