Deployment Options

The data security landscape is constantly evolving as new threats and new technologies are emerging on a monthly basis. AeroFS is focused on allowing our customers to determine the best security practices based on their own unique set of circumstances. AeroFS fits into your existing security practices rather.

Private Cloud

Deploying the AeroFS Private Cloud completely behind the corporate firewall provides the highest level of control and security in the industry.

The AeroFS Private Cloud provides the following features:

  • Private Web Administration: Manage your entire deployment from a central administrative console.
  • Private Registration & Authentication: Manage users locally with optional OpenID, LDAP and AD integration.
  • Private Certificate Authority (CA): Manage the AeroFS public key infrastructure (PKI) for client applications with your AeroFS Appliance as the root CA. This provides additional security by limiting the trust footprint and makes your system administrators happy.

Hybrid Cloud

Take control of your corporate data sharing by providing your employees with a centrally managed file sharing platform. The only aspects of the service that are managed outside of the corpoate firewall in a Hybrid deployment are the registration, authentication, and user management processes. User files are never uploaded to AeroFS server regardless of how the service is deployed.

Team Server (optional add-on)

The AeroFS Team Server is another node in the peer-to-peer network mesh. The Team Server is a light weight client (any PC can be provisioned as a Team Server) that can provide:

  • Backup: A platform to back up all of the files that are being shared by your organization on AeroFS.
  • 24/7 Availablity: The AeroFS Team Server is an “always on” node that ensures that there will always be a machine available waiting to share the latest file updates.