Private File Sync & Share

Join the tens of thousands of businesses across the globe that want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing but are unwilling to accept the security and privacy risks of public cloud services.

Administrative Services
(hosted or privately deployed)
AeroFS Clients Team Servers
Administrative services (top), AeroFS clients (left),
and optional Team Servers (right)

Your Data on Your IT Infrastructure. Period.

All AeroFS services can be deployed behind your firewall. You will always know exactly where your data is and who has access to it.

  • AeroFS never stores files in the public cloud. Files are shared directly between devices.
  • Maintain control with centralized security, administration and remote wipe capabilities.
  • Files are protected end-to-end in transit with AES 256-bit encryption.

Learn more about AeroFS security and control.

Unlimited Storage

  • Storage size is unlimited because AeroFS keeps your files on your own infrastructure.
  • AeroFS eliminates the need for expensive and temperamental file servers.
  • Optionally install the AeroFS Team Server to backup files for your whole organization with flexible storage options.

Learn more about AeroFS storage options.

Your Own Private Cloud

  • Use the AeroFS Private Cloud to deploy AeroFS 100% privately behind your firewall or leverage the AeroFS Hybrid Cloud for easy management. Learn more about our deployment options.
  • Set up lightweight AeroFS Appliance on low-cost hardware.
  • Scale Team Servers cheaply and easily; manage them with less downtime.

Learn how AeroFS scales at low cost.

Simple To Install

  • One-click install of AeroFS clients.
  • Install the AeroFS Appliance in five minutes. Watch Demo.
  • Automated software updates let your users walk away after client installation.

Simple To Use

  • The AeroFS folder is a regular folder in the user's file system.
  • Immediately share/sync files by dropping them in the AeroFS folder
  • Familiar shortcuts, menus, and right-click options fit into your existing workflows.
  • Conflict management lets you track and resolve conflicts easily.
  • LDAP, AP, and OpenID integration simplifies sign-on.

Learn more about our simple user experience.